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всё шикарно

Замечательные работы!!!!!

Dick Rice / Portland, Oregon / USA
Your jewelry pieces are very unique and beautiful. You need to write a book; I would surely buy it. Wish I was still visiting Moscow; the city is very inspirational, historic and iconic. Best wishes, Dick Rice richardwpb@hotmail.com

M, it sounds wonderful, I can just picture you sipping a gin and tonic, as you dip your fingers into the pond, little fish coming up to nibble on them, it sounds defuthglil.Have you seen Rosemary Vereys frog fountain at Barnsley House? She has three or four like yours perched on a above the ground pool, squirting water in, very cool!

It's good to see someone thniikng it through.

Hey, sublte must be your middle name. Great post!

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